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Candy Floss Marshmallows

Naked Marshmallow Co

These deliciously fluffy marshmallows are so light and creamy they really are a sense sensation.  This candy floss flavour is not only natural but takes you back to those fun filled days at the fair; we simply love them!

Why not try these as goey treats with friends.  Perfect for a summers eve, a winters night, a picnic, a dinner party...basically, any occasion!

What's in this product?


Sugar, glucose syrup (contains sulphur dioxide), water, beef gelatine (contains sulphites), powered sugar, cornflour, salt, natural candy floss flavouring 0.2% (propylene glycol E1520), natural colouring (glycerol E422, deionised water, colour: cochineal E120, curcuma extract).

Allergen Advice

Contains sulphur dioxide and sulpites.

May contain egg, milk, peanuts and other nuts

Gluten free

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