Rhubarb & Rosehip Cordial x 4

Mr Fitzpatricks

The poshest tipple, this is a refreshing blend of English rhubarb blended with a rosehip infusion. 

Rhubarb dates back to 2700BC where it was grown and used in China for medicinal purposes.  It was popularised on the British Isles by Joseph Myatt, a nurseryman who on an early spring morning in 1808 set out five bundles at a market in Covent Garden.  Sugar was by this time available to the masses so he encouraged the cooking of rhubarb with sugar and there came the culinary delights of rhubarb!

It is an excellent source of vitamin C which helps support a healthy immune system, dietary fibre and calcium.  This is probably one of the best in the Mr Fitzpatricks range of cordials.  Best served with sparkling water, although still good with soda or still water.  Great hot or cold.  500ml x 4.  

Pack of 4. Any of the flavours can be mixed, please message us at the end of your order with your choice.

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