Because we Love our Planet too

As a company, we have made it a commitment to trade in a manner that reflects our own positive attitudes towards supporting our supply chains, the environment, livestock, our employees and you, our customers.  That is why we research and carefully select all of our suppliers and service providers to ensure that everybody along the way is treated fairly and with a good measure of care.  

We employ an active recycling program and ensure that wherever possible we use bio-degradable materials to package and send your products. Very little is wasted by us.  We recycle, reuse and employ an active food waste program to ensure that we are putting back into the earth.

We actively select logistic services who can provide a positive ongoing record of their commitment to our environment.  

Wherever possible we always look for suppliers of free-range and grass fed animals along with organic produce.  But caring for our environment doesn't stop there as we are always keen to ensure that wherever possible, we can prove that those who are part of our supply chains at home and overseas, are looked after, paid fairly and treated with respect and dignity.  We are huge supporters of the Fairtrade Foundation.  We are passionate believers in equality and wish to ensure that as a company, we play our role in supporting those in less fortunate circumstances as well as ensuring that our children can thrive in positive environment and still have a beautiful planet to enjoy in years to come.  

Join us in our goal to become carbon neutral by supporting our beautiful planet through recycling or reusing  your empty packaging and waste. Let's give something back to our earth in order to maintain it and let's continue to enjoy the pleasures that it gives us through the joys of wonderful food.

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