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In 1884, Ralph Porter was born into a family of local grocers in the idylic Dales of North Yorkshire. He spent his formative years developing his passion for food & drink through working for the family business during his spare time. As Ralph developed in life, he moved to London where he joined a merchant food importer to travel and search out fine foods and beverages. Ralph developed a special talent for spotting new, undiscovered produce and quickly gained a reputation for his sharp and uncompromising eye for quality.

Ralph, was always keen to return to his farming roots and in 1937 he returned with his family to his birthplace in the Dales.  During his travels, Ralph always kept a diary of his experiences.   After his passing, Ralphs writings remained in a dusty box until his granddaughter made a profound discovery.  She found his works truly astounding, so much so  that she decided that the most fitting tribute to her grandfather would be to re-ignite the family's passion for fine artisan produce by re-creating Ralphs passion for great tasting and natural produce.  The result was the creation of The Portly Grocer.  

As a proud family, we were very keen to follow in Ralphs footsteps.  We set about creating something in his honour around his main gastronomic passions as well as his taste for fine wines. The realisation of his passion resulted in the creation of The Portly Grocer for fine artisan foods, The Portly Barista for great artisan coffees and The Portly Sommelier for exquisite wines, champagnes & spirits.  Today, we are not a million miles aways from Ralphs humble beginnings in the Yorkshire Dales.  We are set in the gorgeous surroundings of Knutsford, Cheshire where our passion for fine artisan food & drink is as deeply engrained in our beliefs as it was in Ralphs.

Our aim, like Ralphs, is to bring the best in fine British artisan food & drink to you for your pleasure.  We work very hard to ensure nothing but the highest quality from all of our suppliers and their produce.  We hope that you will take the time to peruse our website or visit us at any of our pop-up stalls that regularly travel around the country to various festivals & farmers markets or perhaps you may wish to pay a visit to a local stockist.

Thank you for sharing our passion.  We are sure that Ralph would be very proud...

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